Russia vs Kenya – USA Sevens Rugby
10 - 12
Pool CSam Boyd Stadium03/04/201702:12 PMUSA Sevens

Kenya entered the match needing a big victory and some luck to overtake Argentina for the second seed in Pool C. Russia, already eliminated from quarterfinal contention was looking for a more favorable seed into the challenge trophy. Eme Patris Peki put Russia in front with the first try of the match. Five moments in, bolstered by a Russian yellow card, Kenya expected to score and at least pull the match level. Russia’s staunch defensive unit not only prevented Kenya from doing so, but managed to threaten a try themselves. Eventually, Kenyan pace, Russian errors, and the man advantage allowed Kenya to get on the board with an unconverted try from Willy Ambaka, which is where the score remained until the third minute of the second half when captain Andrew Amonde powered over for a converted try under the post.

In the interim, Ambaka nearly succeeded in offloading to his support runner for a try in the left corner early in the second half, but a Russian face got in the way, knocking the ball to touch. Kenya won the lineout, which ultimately led to the Amonde try. Russia kept it close with a try from Alexey Kapalin finishing a run begun by Eduard Filatov. Without the conversion, however, Kenya maintained the advantage.

With one minute until full time, Russia regained possession and kicked to just outside its own twenty-two for a penalty lineout. Russia stretched the Kenyan defense wide, but Kapalin did not have the pace to get past Kenya for the score. Kenya 12, Russia 10.

The slim margin of victory for Kenya is almost certainly not enough to overtake Argentina. New Zealand will need to beat Argentina by an unprecedented margin to allow Kenya to advance to the quarterfinal.