England vs Chile – USA Sevens Rugby
31 - 5
Pool BSam Boyd Stadium03/03/201705:59 PMUSA Sevens

Anyone who followed the South America Sevens Championships could realize that this Chilean team was much more dangerous than years past. If an England team with a tournament title and a second-place series standing thought that this match would mirror the 43–0 drubbing laid upon Chile in their lone prior meeting, they were soon taught otherwise. To the shock of many, at the half, England held a mere 14–5 lead over non-core invitee Chile. In the second half, England was able to extend that lead to 21–5, while staying stiff in defense. But conceding a penalty at the Chilean twenty two with two and a half minutes left, the match was certainly not out of range for a shocking comeback. As England regained possession with a minute remaining, the result seemed set. Any doubt was ended when Dan Norton doubted down in the left corner. With just enough time left for a restart, Chile took possession and looked for one more score as part of the long building process toward future Sevens greatness. Benjamin De Vidts’s ill-advised attempt to chip and chase squandered what little hope remained. England easily brought it back in and turned it into five more points on full time. England 31, Chile 5.

Despite the final margin, this was an extremely impressive start for Chile. Some of the scores at the end were directly attributable to trying last-ditch efforts to upset one of the most famous rugby nations in the world, and former World Cup champion, England.