Australia vs England – USA Sevens Rugby
7 - 10
5th Place Play-Off Sam Boyd Stadium03/05/201704:05 PMUSA Sevens

In a battle of pride and for series points, England took a mere thirty-two seconds in Courtesy of Tom Bowen. Tom Mitchell’s conversion attempt into the increasingly strong wind failed to even reach the try line. Overcompensating on the restart, Mitchell kicked it out directly into touch. Australia received a free kick, but did little with it before giving England the ball back. Overcoming some errors and wind disruption, England spent the next couple of minutes in Australian territory, but finally a pass went to deck, giving Australia a scrum. Australia’s following possession struck gold, as Lachie Anderson’s hard work gave the trailing Nick Malouf the privilege of score under the post. Tom Lucas’s conversion put Australia up by two. England continued to press well after the first half clock expired. Another error in an exchange sent the teams to their respective huddles.

In a back and forth second half, England finally looked to have a try on but the wind from behind drove the chipped-ahead ball to far through the dead-ball line. With twenty-one seconds left, England won a penalty, a pass down the chain, caught by the wind narrowly avoided disaster. The ball gets to Dan Norton who kicks through the Australian defense, collected the ball, and offloaded to Charlton Kerr for the game winner. England 10, Australia 7. The win was huge for England to keep pace with Fiji in the series standings. By reaching the final, Fiji had assured that it would overtake England for second in the standings, but the win inches England one point closer to returning to the top two.