USA Rugby Sevens Television Schedule

ESPN Broadcast Schedule

ESPN is the official home of the 2018 HSBC Sevens World Series.


6/2/184:28 AM7:28 AMPool Play 1
6/2/187:34 AM10:34 AMPool Play 2
6/2/1810:40 AM1:40 PMPool Play 3
6/3/184:28 AM7:28 AMQuarterfinals
6/3/187:34 AM10:34 AMSemifinals
6/3/1811:05 AM1:25 PMFinals

Day 1 (4/6):

  • Live: 6-8am ET on ESPNU
  • Tape-Delayed: 11:30pm-1:30am ET on ESPN2

Day 2 (4/7):

  • Live 4-6am ET on ESPNews
  • Tape Delayed: 12-2am ET on ESPN2 (technically 4/8 calendar day)

Day 3 (4/8):

  • Live 5:30-7:30am ET on ESPN2

All remaining matches will be available live on ESPN 3

NetworkTitleDayDateStart Time (ET)End Time (ET)
ESPNUDay 1Fri4/6/186:00 AM8:00 AMWatch ESPN
ESPN3Day 1Fri4/6/188:00 AM9:05 AMWatch ESPN
ESPN3Day 2Fri4/6/1811:14 PM2:19 AMWatch ESPN
ESPN3Day 2Sat4/7/183:16 AM4:00 AMWatch ESPN
ESPNewsDay 2Sat4/7/184:00 AM6:00 AMWatch ESPN
ESPN3Day 2Sat4/7/186:00 AM6:22 AMWatch ESPN
ESPN3Day 3Sat4/7/189:30 PM12:35 AMWatch ESPN
ESPN3Day 3Sun4/8/181:16 AM2:51 AMWatch ESPN
ESPN3Day 3Sun4/8/182:55 AM4:25 AMWatch ESPN
ESPN2Day 3Sun4/8/185:30 AM7:30 AMWatch ESPN
3/10/1812:30 PM3:30 PMPool Play 1
3/10/184:02 PM7:02 PMPool Play 2
3/10/187:34 PM10:34 PMPool Play 3
3/11/1812:30 PM2:00 PMChallenge Trophy Quarterfinals
3/11/182:08 PM3:38 PMCup Quarterfinals
3/11/183:46 PM5:16 PM13th Place/Challenge Trophy Semifinals
3/11/185:24 PM6:54 PM5th Place/Cup Semifinals
3/11/187:12 PM9:42 PMFinal Matches

Friday, March 2nd6:00pm - 12:00am ET
Friday, March 2nd6:30pm - 8:30pm ET
Saturday, March 3rd2:30pm - 10:00pm ET
Saturday, March 3rd7:00am - 9:00am ET
Saturday, March 3rd4:00pm - 6 :00pm ET
Sunday, March 4th2:00pm - 8:00pm ET
Sunday, March 4th7:00am - 9:00am ET
Sunday, March 4th6:00pm - 8:00pm ET
Sunday, March 4th11:30pm - 1:30am ET

2/2/185:00 PMKenya vs. Samoa
2/2/185:22 PMUSA vs. Canada
2/2/185:44 PMEngland vs. Russia
2/2/186:06 PMSouth Africa vs. Papua New Guinea
2/2/186:36 PMFiji vs. Wales
2/2/186:58 PMAustralia vs. Spain
2/2/187:20 PMNew Zealand vs. France
2/2/187:42 PMArgentina vs. Scotland
2/2/188:26 PMKenya vs. Canada
2/2/188:48 PMUSA vs. Samoa
2/2/189:10 PMEngland vs. Papua New Guinea
2/2/189:32 PMSouth Africa vs. Russia
2/2/1810:02 PMFiji vs. Spain
2/2/1810:24 PMAustralia vs. Wales
2/2/1810:46 PMNew Zealand vs. Scotland
2/2/1811:08 PMArgentina vs. France
2/3/1812:00 AMSamoa vs. Canada
2/3/1812:22 AMUSA vs. Kenya
2/3/1812:44 AMRussia vs. Papua New Guinea
2/3/181:06 AMSouth Africa vs. England
2/3/181:28 AMWales vs. Spain
2/3/181:50 AMAustralia vs. Fiji
2/3/182:12 AMFrance vs. Scotland
2/3/182:34 AMArgentina vs. New Zealand
2/3/185:00 PMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/3/185:22 PMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/3/185:44 PMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/3/186:06 PMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/3/186:36 PMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/3/186:58 PMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/3/187:20 PMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/3/187:42 PMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/3/188:19 PMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/3/188:41 PMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/3/189:03 PMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/3/189:25 PMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/3/1810:05 PMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/3/1810:27 PMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/3/1810:49 PMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/3/1811:11 PMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/4/1812:03 AMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/4/1812:33 AMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/4/181:03 AMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/4/181:33 AMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series
2/4/182:03 AMHSBC World Rugby Sevens Series

1/26/182:00 AM2:22 AMEngland vs. Spain
1/26/182:22 AM2:44 AMSouth Africa vs. Papua New Guinea
1/26/182:44 AM3:06 AMFrance vs. Wales
1/26/183:06 AM3:28 AMArgentina vs. Kenya
1/26/183:28 AM3:50 AMFiji vs. Samoa
1/26/183:50 AM4:12 AMNew Zealand vs. Russia
1/26/184:12 AM4:34 AMUSA vs. Australia
1/26/184:34 AM4:56 AMCanada vs. Scotlan
1/26/1810:41 PM11:03 PMEngland vs. Papua New Guinea
1/26/1811:03 PM11:25 PMSouth Africa vs. Spain
1/26/1811:25 PM11:47 PMFrance vs. Kenya
1/26/1811:47 PM12:09 AMArgentina vs. Wales
1/27/1812:09 AM12:31 AMFiji vs. Russia
1/27/1812:31 AM12:53 AMNew Zealand vs. Samoa
1/27/1812:53 AM1:15 AMUSA vs. Scotlane
1/27/181:15 AM1:37 AMCanada vs. Australia
1/27/181:52 AM2:14 AMSpain vs. Papua New Guinea
1/27/182:14 AM2:36 AMSouth Africa vs. England
1/27/182:36 AM2:58 AMWales vs. Kenya
1/27/182:58 AM3:20 AMArgentina vs. France
1/27/183:20 AM3:42 AMSamoa vs. Russia
1/27/183:42 AM4:04 AMNew Zealand vs. Fiji
1/27/184:04 AM4:26 AMAustralia vs. Scotland
1/27/184:26 AM4:48 AMCanada vs. USA
1/27/186:00 PM6:22 PMChallenge Trophy Quarter Final 1
1/27/186:22 PM6:44 PMChallenge Trophy Quarter Final 2
1/27/186:44 PM7:06 PMChallenge Trophy Quarter Final 3
1/27/187:06 PM7:28 PMChallenge Trophy Quarter Final 4
1/27/187:28 PM7:50 PMCup Quarter Final 1
1/27/187:50 PM8:12 PMCup Quarter Final 2
1/27/188:12 PM8:34 PMCup Quarter Final 3
1/27/188:34 PM8:56 PMCup Quarter Final 4
1/27/1811:24 PM11:46 PM13th Place Semi Final 1
1/27/1811:46 PM12:08 AM13th Place Semi Final 2
1/28/1812:08 AM12:30 AMChallenge Trophy Semi Final 1
1/28/1812:30 AM12:52 AMChallenge Trophy Semi Final 2
1/28/1812:52 AM1:14 AM5th Place Semi Final 1
1/28/181:14 AM1:36 AM5th Place Semi Final 2
1/28/181:36 AM1:58 AMCup Semi Final 1
1/28/181:58 AM2:20 AMCup Semi Final 2
1/28/182:40 AM3:02 AM13th Place Playoff
1/28/183:02 AM3:32 AMChallenge Trophy Final
1/28/183:39 AM4:01 AM5th Place Playoff
1/28/184:21 AM4:48 AMBronze Final
1/28/184:48 AM5:18 AMCup Final

Air Date (EST)Start Time (EST)End Time (EST)Competitor / Round
Sat 12/9/20173:15 AM3:37 AMSamoa vs. Canada
Sat 12/9/20173:37 AM3:59 AMFiji vs. Wales
Sat 12/9/20173:59 AM4:21 AMScotland vs. Argentina
Sat 12/9/20174:21 AM4:43 AMEngland vs. Uganda
Sat 12/9/20174:43 AM5:05 AMAustralia vs. Spain
Sat 12/9/20175:05 AM5:27 AMNew Zealand vs. USA
Sat 12/9/20175:27 AM5:49 AMKenya vs. France
Sat 12/9/20175:49 AM6:11 AMSouth Africa vs. Russia
Sat 12/9/20176:36 AM6:58 AMSamoa vs. Wales
Sat 12/9/20176:58 AM7:20 AMFiji vs. Canada
Sat 12/9/20177:20 AM7:42 AMScotland vs. Uganda
Sat 12/9/20177:42 AM8:04 AMEngland vs. Argentina
Sat 12/9/20178:04 AM8:26 AMAustralia vs. USA
Sat 12/9/20178:26 AM8:48 AMNew Zealand vs. Spain
Sat 12/9/20178:48 AM9:10 AMKenya vs. Russia
Sat 12/9/20179:10 AM9:32 AMSouth Africa vs. France
Sat 12/9/20179:57 AM10:19 AMCanada vs. Wales
Sat 12/9/201710:19 AM10:41 AMFiji vs. Samoa
Sat 12/9/201710:41 AM11:03 AMArgentina vs. Uganda
Sat 12/9/201711:03 AM11:25 AMEngland vs. Scotland
Sat 12/9/201711:50 AM12:12 PMSpain vs. USA
Sat 12/9/201712:12 PM12:34 PMNew Zealand vs. Australia
Sat 12/9/201712:34 PM12:56 PMFrance vs. Russia
Sat 12/9/201712:56 PM1:18 PMSouth Africa vs. Kenya
Sun 12/10/20173:36 AM3:58 AMChallenge Trophy Quarter Finals
Sun 12/10/20173:58 AM4:20 AMChallenge Trophy Quarter Finals
Sun 12/10/20174:20 AM4:42 AMChallenge Trophy Quarter Finals
Sun 12/10/20174:42 AM5:04 AMChallenge Trophy Quarter Finals
Sun 12/10/20175:04 AM5:26 AMCup Quarter Finals
Sun 12/10/20175:26 AM5:48 AMCup Quarter Finals
Sun 12/10/20175:48 AM6:10 AMCup Quarter Finals
Sun 12/10/20176:10 AM6:32 AMCup Quarter Finals
Sun 12/10/20176:57 AM7:19 AM13th Place Semi Finals
Sun 12/10/20177:19 AM7:41 AM13th Place Semi Finals
Sun 12/10/20177:41 AM8:03 AMChallenge Trophy Semi Finals
Sun 12/10/20178:03 AM8:25 AMChallenge Trophy Semi Finals
Sun 12/10/20178:50 AM9:12 AM5th Place Semi Finals
Sun 12/10/20179:12 AM9:34 AM5th Place Semi Finals
Sun 12/10/20179:34 AM9:56 AMCup Semi Finals
Sun 12/10/20179:56 AM10:18 AMCup Semi Finals
Sun 12/10/201710:43 AM11:05 AM13th Place Playoff
Sun 12/10/201711:05 AM11:35 AMChallenge Trophy Final
Sun 12/10/201711:36 AM11:58 AM5th Place Playoff
Sun 12/10/201712:18 PM12:43 PMBronze Final
Sun 12/10/201712:44 PM1:14 PMCup Final

Air Date (EST)Start Time (EST)End Time (EST) 
Fri 12/1/201712:00 AM12:22 AMUSA vs. Argentina
Fri 12/1/201712:22 AM12:44 AMNew Zealand vs. Samoa
Fri 12/1/201712:44 AM1:06 AMAustralia vs. Wales
Fri 12/1/20171:06 AM1:28 AMFiji vs. Russia
Fri 12/1/20171:30 AM1:52 AMCanada vs. Kenya
Fri 12/1/20171:52 AM2:14 AMSouth Africa vs. Uganda
Fri 12/1/20172:14 AM2:36 AMScotland vs. France
Fri 12/1/20172:36 AM2:58 AMEngland vs. Spain
Fri 12/1/20173:00 AM3:22 AMUSA vs. Samoa
Fri 12/1/20173:22 AM3:44 AMNew Zealand vs. Argentina
Fri 12/1/20173:44 AM4:06 AMAustralia vs. Russia
Fri 12/1/20174:06 AM4:28 AMFiji vs. Wales
Fri 12/1/20175:14 AM5:36 AMCanada vs. Uganda
Fri 12/1/20175:36 AM5:58 AMSouth Africa vs. Kenya
Fri 12/1/20175:58 AM6:20 AMScotland vs. Spain
Fri 12/1/20176:20 AM6:42 AMEngland vs. France
Fri 12/1/20179:00 AM9:22 AMArgentina vs. Samoa
Fri 12/1/20179:22 AM9:44 AMNew Zealand vs. USA
Fri 12/1/20179:44 AM10:06 AMWales vs. Russia
Fri 12/1/201710:06 AM10:28 AMFiji vs. Australia
Fri 12/1/201710:31 AM10:53 AMKenya vs. Uganda
Fri 12/1/201710:53 AM11:15 AMSouth Africa vs. Canada
Fri 12/1/201711:15 AM11:37 AMFrance vs. Spain
Fri 12/1/201711:37 AM11:59 AMEngland vs. Scotland
Sat 12/2/201712:30 AM12:52 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/201712:52 AM1:14 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/20171:14 AM1:36 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/20171:36 AM1:58 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/20172:00 AM2:22 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/20172:22 AM2:44 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/20172:44 AM3:06 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/20173:06 AM3:28 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/20174:38 AM5:00 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/20175:00 AM5:22 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/20175:22 AM5:44 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/20175:44 AM6:06 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/20176:35 AM6:57 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/20176:57 AM7:19 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/20177:19 AM7:41 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/20177:41 AM8:03 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/20178:57 AM9:19 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/20179:19 AM9:44 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/20179:44 AM10:08 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/201710:08 AM10:33 AMTBD
Sat 12/2/201710:33 AM10:58 AMTBD