2017 Las Vegas Invitational Registered Teams


CRC Qualifier Men's Division 7'sAmerica's Cup 7's (Formerly Men's Elite)Men's Aces 7's
1. Utah Valley University1. OxFam Crusaders1. The Selects
2. Michigan State2. Denver 7's All-Stars2. US Army
3. Georgetown3. US Air Force3. BC Rugby
4. Wheeling Jesuit4. US Air Force 24. Arctic Legion
5. New England College5. Serevi Selects5. Nuts and Jugs
6. Tulane6. Northeast Academy6. Bridge City 7's
7. Colorado7. The Selects7. PNRFU Loggers
8. Lindenwood8. Germany Development8. Hooligans Selects
9. Western Michigan9. Tribe9. Humless 7's
10. Lindenwood-Belleville10. Stars Rugby10. Mana Rugby
11. Harvard11. Borelli Walsh Selects11. New Orleans 7's
12. Montana State12. Tama Laie Lions12. Cowrie 7's
13. Buffalo13. Atlantis13. Titans Rugby
14. St. Bonaventures14. Florida RDA14. Denver 7's All Stars
15. Northeastern15. Black Dragon15. Atlanta Old White
16. Colgate16. Misfits16. Upright Rugby
17. Millersville17. West Indies17. Legacy Rugby
18. Grand Canyon University18. Froggies Midol18. West Valley Lions
19. Dixie State University19. Tiger 182319. Chicago Lions
20. James Madison20. APX Fiji Blond20. Team Quebec
21. Clemson
22. Notre Dame College
23. UNLV
24. UCB-Pueblo
25. Central Washington
26. Utah State
27. Santa Clara
28. College of Idaho
Men's Open 7'sWomen's Elite 7'sWomen's Open 7's
1. Deadwood RFC1. US Air Force1. Lady Vipers RFC
2. The Selects2. TUKS Ladies 7's2. BC Rugby
3. Omaha Goats3. Northeast Academy3. Chicago Lions
4. Stanford Business4. US Falcons4. Scion Sirens
5. Rogue 8085. Arukas Queen5. Hooligans Selects
6. Portland Hooligans6. Tribe6. Victorious Secret
7. Yale Barbarians7. WR Ravens7. Cheeky Chicks
8. Chicago Booth RFC8. Stars Rugby Red8. The Selects
9. Sepi 7's9. Stars Rugby Blue9. Atlanta Harlequins
10. Nuts and Jugs10. Team Quebec10. SF Golden Gate
11. Misfits11. Scion Sirens
12. Addeos Farewell Tour12. Florida RDA
13. The Selects 213. San Diego Surfers
14. Seattle Valley Kangaroos14. Maple Leafs
15. Humless Gray15. Atavus
16. Upright Rugby16. Phoenix 7's
Women's College 7'sMen's Masters 15'sMen's Club 15's
1. Abenachics Vegas Squad1. Freecoast1. Maccabi 15's
2. NSCRO Selects2. Vagabonds2. Jackson Hole Moose
3. UBC Thunderbirds3. KwaZulu Old Crocs3. Park City Haggis
4. Arizona4. Cincinnati Greyhounds4. Cincinnati Wolfhounds
5. NMSU Chilies5. BYU Old Boys5. Misfits
6. Utah Valley University6. Misfits
7. Siena
8. Nation Sports
9. Montana State
10. Lewis and Clark
11. Notre Dame College
12. Utah State 1
13. Utah State 2
14. U of Colorado
15. AIC
16. Dixie State
Men's College 15'sWomen's Club 15'sWomen's College 15's
1. Arizona1. SCRFU1. BYU
2. Air Force2. Misfits2. Lindenwood
3. Southern Methodist
U-20 Men's 7'sU-20 Women's 7'sU-18 Boys Elite 7's
1. NZ Taniwha (Roto)
2. Atlantis
3. Utah Academy
4. Play Rugby USA
5. EIRA 1
6. Upright Rugby
7. Atavus
8. USA South Panthers
9. State of Mexico Select
10. Cobra Rugby
11. Danville Oaks
12. BCYE
13. EIRA 2
14. Utah Cannibals
15. DMV United
16.Washington Loggers
U-18 Girls Elite 7'sU-16 Boys J.V. 7'sU-16 Girls J.V. 7's
1. Atlantis1. Atlantis1. BYCE
2. South Bay Spartans2. Utah Academy2. Foothill Lions
3. Utah Academy3. EIRA3. Sydney City Magic
4. Play Rugby USA4. Upright Rugby4. Fallbrook Girls
5.Atavus5. BYCE5. South Bay Spartans
6. Sydney City Magic
6. USA South Panthers6. Arizona Bobcats
7. USA South Panthers7. Utah Cannibals7. Summit High School
8. Glendale Raptors8. Saint 7's8.
9. Cobra Rugby9. Arizona Bobcats
10. Tahi Kaha All-Stars10. Tennessee Tri-Star
11. BYCE11. Cobra Rugby
12. Utah Cannibals12. VC Avengers
13. Maui Warriors
U-14 Boys 7'sU-14 Girls 7's
1. Genesis Rugby1. Sydney City Magic
2. Upright Rugby
3. Belmont Shore
5. Hawaiian Gardens
6. Great Falls
7. USA South Panthers
8. Salt Lake Valley Rhinos
High School Boys Open 7'sHigh School Girls Open 7's
1. Mira Costa HS1. Atlantis
2. NZ Taniwha (Raki)2. Utah Academy
3. Eagle Mountain RC3. Tennessee Tri Star
4. Atlantis4. Minnesota Tundra
5. Utah Academy5. BCYE
6. LV Blackhawks6. Foothills Lions
7. Tennessee Tri Star Blue7. Utah Cannibals
8. Tennessee Tri Star Red8. Upright Rugby
9. USA South Panthers9. Viewpark Prep
10. Minnesota Tundra10. Cowichan Maroon
11. BYCE11. Cowichan Black
12. White Rock Barbarians12. AKYRC
13. Foothills Lions13. Summit High School
14. Utah Cannibals14. Fallbrook Girls
15. Saint 7's15. Minn Tundra 2
16. Arizona Bobcats16. Tribe TENN
17. Belmont 317. Lumberjanes Red
18. Viewpark Prep18. Lumberjanes Blue
19. Belmont Shore 119. South Bay Spartans
20. Belmont Shore 220. Rocky Mountain Rebels
22. Rigby Royals Red22. SD Aztec Storm
23. Herriman Red23. Land Park Harlequins
24. Herriman Gold24. Broken Arrow OK
25. LVRA
26. Seahawks Rugby
27. Carroll Sevens Rugby
28. Rigby Royals Blue
High School Boys 15'sHigh School Girls 15's
1. Seahawks Rugby)1.
2. Mt Carmel HS (IL)
3. Westside Swarm
4. Broken Arrow OK